Revolving Door by Circlejourney

Duchess Orobelle is the knot that holds reality together. If she dies, all would come to an end. For all twelve years of her life, Orobelle has been a prize, coveted by those both within and beyond the Queendom where she lives.

Scattered across many worlds and eras are eight others, sharing Orobelle's role of safeguarding the foundations of the cosmos, and bound to her by threads spanning the multiverse. But none of them are aware of their preordained role, or even aware that more than one world exists. Most of them are simply living out their lives, coming to terms with their strange powers, trying to live in spite of them.

When Orobelle's life comes into jeopardy, she comes crossing the boundaries between the universes in search of them. All at once they find themselves pulled into a dooming plot that will soon drag every world into its event horizon.

Revolving Door is a web serial that I've been writing since 2013. Exploring alternate histories, possible futures, and the passage of time, it blends several genres, including multiverse science fiction and magic realism.

It's about the ways humanity interconnects across time and space. And it's about the sobering notion that the universe is too big to ever be known in its entirety—and that it is still worthwhile to try and know it, even so. After all, once humanity is gone, when will existence next be interrogated the way we are interrogating it?

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Volume 1

While a fixed reading order technically exists in the form of the chapters' publication order, a lot of these chapters are not meant to be read in a particular sequence. I am still developing a story map that would lend itself better to a flexible reading order, as I had intended from the start.



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